What Is Clinical Research?

Different than your standard medical care.

Normal visits with your doctor include the diagnosis and treatment of your current illness. Clinical Research is the backbone of this process, where centers like Palmtree Clinical Research, Inc. (PCR, Inc.) conduct studies to gather new knowledge about your medical conditions and advance treatments for individuals just like you.

During clinical trials, researchers learn how a new treatment works and its safety. These treatments consist of new drugs, combinations of drugs, devices, procedures, and diagnostic tools.

The drive for improving your treatment options is the foundation at PCR, Inc. As a community based facility, our physicians find alternative treatment options to improve their patient’s care. Working with PCR’s research staff, they are able to explore these new treatment options, providing important data to advance medications, devices, and diagnostic tools.

PCR, Inc. often works with teams from around the world to pave the path for research that helps to unravel many complicated medical questions. These teams consist of physicians, scientists, researchers, and other participants that all share the same philosophy of discovering new treatment options associated with illness.

New developments in medicine provide an opportunity for  alternative treatment options and a chance for PCR, Inc. to “do good” throughout the desert communities.

Find out more about the five phases of clinical trials on ClinicalTrials.gov.